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Intrepid: The future of long range sportfisher design is here,
and was worth the wait

Newest long range sportfisher takes its place, finally, among the elite corps of operations out of San Diego: Two long range trips were awarded at Tuna Jackpot to team 30 members

You step onto the huge deck to be shared by only 25 other anglers on this 11 footer and there you have an immediate feeling of exclusivity and spaciousness. You walk into the elegantly-appointed dining salon and you feel like you are in a modern 5-star bistro with wall-to-wall windows.

SAN DIEGO -- The wait is over, and the Intrepid, after five years is fishing, and turning heads on the water and the dock at Point Loma Sportfishing in San Diego.

Two 10-day trips were awarded to anglers on team No. 30 at this last Tuna Jackpot. The four-man team not only won one of the 10-day trips when they won the "Got Tuna" sticker contest the first day of the shotgun start by being the first team spotted to have the sticker on their boat after the 6:40 designated time by the staff of the start boat Oceanus during check-in, but one of the stickers was also found the next evening at Soloman's Landing just after the 5 p.m. deadline that day. The only requirement was that the sticker placed somewhere in town.

That sticker at Soloman's was also worth a 10-day trip for the angler whose name was on the sticker. Thus the team, amazingly, won both of the trips on the luxury long range boat. They team members were Scott Dilley, Albert Behr, Jonathan Behr and Steve Anderson. The only question remains, which two will go on the 10-day trips?

Which ever of the two members of the Team 30 go they will enjoy a beautiful sportfisher and a top-notch crew – and fantastic cuisine.


It was an understatement when Price said; "It's been a long and grueling five years." But from the view of anglers who has seen – and fished on the boat -- it's been worth the wait It's clear this is a sportfisher like no other. You step onto the huge deck to be shared by only 25 other anglers and there you have an immediate feeling of exclusivity and spaciousness. You walk into the elegantly-appointed dining salon and you feel like you are in a modern 5-star bistro with wall-to-wall windows.

Yes, it's true it is a fishing machine, but it is a sleek runner as well. The Intrepid's svelte 111- by 27-foot hull with stabilizers slices through the water effortlessly, smoothly and soundlessly. The engines are so quiet and the ride so smooth you might not even realize you are stopped until you are sitting the salon and see fellow anglers running to get their rods and baits in the water.

State-of-the-art technology for comfort, entertainment and fish finding complete the picture. Huge flat screen, high-definition TV screens in the salon and in each stateroom guarantee top quality entertainment. The wheelhouse looks like a sci-fi scene with every imaginable navigational and fish finding electronics device flashing, bleeping and glowing.


Here are just a few other highlights:

  • Calculated 14 knot cruising speed, maximum 17 knots.
  • 600 scoop bait tanks.
  • 5 RSW and spray brine refrigeration systems for a 25-ton capacity.
  • 13 two-passenger staterooms, with sink, mirror and vanity.
  • Individually controlled air conditioning for passengers' comfort.
  • 16-inch portholes in every stateroom to provide natural light.
  • 5 restrooms dedicated to passengers including 4 full size showers.

Chef Javier's cuisine is known to be the very best in the fleet. Depending on the length of your trip, you will enjoy prime rib, filet mignon and lobster, rack of lamb, pork chops, cioppino, Chilean seabass, Alaskan halibut, veal scaloppini, crab cakes and other amazing culinary delicacies, along with the best afternoon appetizers imaginable.

Unfortunately, the long and grueling five-year construction process was filled with delays and heartache for the owners and anglers who had their trips canceled for two consecutive years. As most of us plan our trips 6 to 12 months in advance, most long range anglers already had reservations on other boats by the time the Intrepid was finally ready for passengers. That means many of the Intrepid's trips this first season are going out very light, so anglers on these trips are being treated to even more space, one-on-one service and exclusivity than the limited load charters are even designed to deliver.


Best of all, if you don't have first-rate fishing equipment, the boat can ease that pain. The boat is loaded with Seeker custom rods and the finest in big game reels from Avet, all for your use. As for fish and bait storage, there was no expense spared in the state-of-the-art 600-scoop bait tanks. They are combined with 5 RSW and spray refrigeration units with a 25-ton capacity.

Thus, no matter how good a bite on big tuna, with the Intrepid's limited passenger load and the huge fish storage capacity, it would be hard to imagine you'd ever be asked to cut off a fish "under 150 pounds."

If you have the time and opportunity you can experience ultra, ultra limited load fishing for regular prices, at least through the end of this first season. Fortunately, the Intrepid is catching fish, performing well and the trips will likely fill up for next season.

The future of long range fishing is here. Finally.

For more information about charters or reservations, contact Carol Wood at (877) 686-7827 or or look on the website