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Bigger and even better than ever with
expansion of restaurant and kitchen

THE SOLOMON'S CREW laid out a great spread of food at the Rock and Roll party at Cabo Wabo. The food was outstanding in the grand Soloman's Landing tradition.

The best meals in Cabo with a marina-side view that can't be beat!

Solomon's Landing has been a local and tourist favorite ever since it opened after a hurricane 10 years ago, and with its remodeling and expansion of the restaurant and kitchen it's better than ever.

Because it's perched on the Cabo marina's edge and because the bar is built in a circle, Solomon's Landing is a great place to sit and watch the people go by, and to meet both the locals and the tourists as they return from their fishing trips.

YOU CAN'T BEAT THE culinary delights and great service of Soloman's in Cabo, official restaurant of the Tuna Jackpot for nine years running! This year the restaurant catered the Rock and Roll Party at Cabo Wabo - to rave reviews!

Great fish stories abound around the bar.

Owners Brian Solomon and his wife Dawn are nearly always on hand to talk to guests and to make sure they're well taken care of, whether ordering food or some of their trademark drinks.

Solomon's has gained a reputation for delicious shrimp, chicken, fish and carne asada tacos, with fresh salsas made every day. Oh, and Brian is justly proud of his hamburgers, enchiladas, sashimi, fish ceviche and assorted surprises. He is a gourmet chef, and he runs a professional kitchen. As judged by the Tuna Jackpot staff,Soloman's has the best steaks and lobster in Cabo. Hands down.

This year, Soloman's catered the Mercury Tuna Jackpot Cabo Wabo Rock and Roll party. To say the food was spectacular is an understatement. It kicked-started an epic party of food, drinking, dancing and prizes.

THE BEST PART ABOUT Solomon's Landing?
The crew of servers and chefs.

"We love the Tuna Jackpot and have been a sponsor for nine years," said Brian. "We love the staff, the tournament and the kind of feeling it brings to our community."

The feeling is mutual.

"If you want the best lobster and steak in Cabo, and the best drinks -- and service, you can't do any better than Soloman's Landing," said tourney director Pat McDonell. "Brian has supported our tournament from the first day we planned it, and our staff and sponsors consider it a must-go spot. Great food, great service and atmosphere."

See more about Solomon's Landing at which is located on the marina in front of the refurbished Hotel Tesoro, formerly Plaza Las Glorias.