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Seeker Rods creates 24 special production rods for upcoming 10th anniversary Cabo Tuna Jackpot


Don't miss the party and the competition in Cabo this year, Nov. 5-8. Details on the richest and biggest tuna tourney in the world nine years running are available at

The entry fee is just $700 for teams of up to 4 anglers (2 guests and 2 crew are allowed on the competition boats). To reach Jackpot director Pat McDonell for entry forms and information, call (949) 366-0030, ext. 33 or e-mail him at

What starts out as three strips of graphite and a strip of glass will go on to be one of the 24 Super Seeker 6470 rods that will be given out at this year's Cabo Tuna Jackpot Nov. 5-8.

This year Seeker is the event's rod sponsor, and the folks at its Long Beach production facility have just started building the custom Tuna Jackpot Series rods. But before any of the wrapping happens the blanks have to be produced.

WON recently watched the first round of blanks go through the building process with Randy Penny, Seeker's Production Supervisor as the 6470 30- to 50-pound class rods were being created. The result is spectacular.


"The colors came out incredible," said Tiuna Jackpot Director Pat McDonell. "They are numbers one through 24 in the limited series just for Cabo, and they have the Tuna Jackpot logo integrated into the design. These are super high-end in looks and quality, and all 24 will be given away in the four nightly drawings at the four parties in Cabo. The winners of these rods are getting something special from our tournament's official rod sponsor."

These rods are unique in several ways. Neither the glass nor the graphite is like that used by any other company. The 120 carbon fiber and "S" glass used with Seeker's EH04 Epoxy Resin System is what makes the Super Seekers unique. It's a complicated "recipe" that goes into the materials, but basically what it boils down to is that by incorporating carbon fiber transitioning into an "S" glass tip, the rods get an incredible amount of recoil and three times the compression strength as traditional "E" glass blanks.

Each of the 24 rods feature custom colors that have never come out of the Seeker building before. They are triple wrapped, like all of Seeker's completed rods, but the company's "traditional" colors aren't found on the Tuna Jackpot series rods. Forest green and black triple wrapping with gold and burgundy inlays make for some incredible looking rods when the American Tackle Company Titan guided are wrapped onto the Super Seeker's brown and tangerine finish.


The 6470 is one of the company's most popular rods, and it's sure to be a big hit with Tuna Jackpot competitors. In fact Penny says it's almost a tie between the Seeker Ulua jig stick and the 6470 when it comes to choosing which one is the company's top seller.

The 6470 rods that are being made for the Tuna Jackpot won't be for sale. Getting one is just the luck of the draw.

"Four will be given away as part of the early-bird raffle. The other 20 will be given away during the event's four nightly drawings," said Jackpot Director/WON Editor Pat McDonell.

In other words, you've got to be a competitor to win, but you don't have to catch a big tuna to walk away with one of the rods.