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Reactor Watch party

Squid Roe food, drawings, music and dancing turns up good times

WON Staff Writer


CABO SAN LUCAS, BCS -- The Friday night party at the Yamaha/WON Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot is a tricky mix of losers and winners, the tired and the elated. But this year the Reactor Watch party at Squid Roe also mixed in lots of fun, prizes, drinks and food.

Without a doubt, the food and drink service far surpassed any Friday night event in the past, as the Squid Roe servers quickly swapped tickets for beverages and the hot food catered by Solomons was put on tables almost as quickly as Tuna Jackpot competitors sat down.

It wasn't long before Pete Gray, host of Let's Talk Hook-Up! radio show on 1090 AM, and WON's Chuck Buhagiar got the prizes flowing as fast as the food and drink. Bill Raglione of Oregon won a trip to Kingfisher Lodge in Sitka, to name just one of the many great giveaways.


Meanwhile, the Reactor Watch folks and Jill Roldan, wife of Baja Editor Jonathan, roamed Squid Roe selling raffle tickets for the Reactor Watch prize drawing that would end that evening.

Right before the big drawing, Milt Zemanek of Eat Me Lures belted out his rendition of "Sweet Home Alabama" and then Yamaha's Joe Mercurio went to work.


Mercurio runs the top kingfish circuit in Florida and he would be just as comfortable with a mic in his hand standing in a boxing ring in Las Vegas, he's got that kind of voice and speech pattern.


First of all, he told everyone to be sure and check out all the great new things coming from Yamaha for the 2010 fishing and boating season at

Then he swung into action as the "beautiful Sheli Sanders" drew the raffle tickets and he read off the numbers of the lucky winners. Tawnya Stevens of Coalinga and Scott Ortar of Salt Lake City both scored beautiful Reactor watches.


Time came for the grand prize in the raffle, when two, count 'em two, of the top watches in the Reactor lineup were up for grabs. Mercurio read off the number and it turned out to be former Yamaha/WON Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Champion Doug Collyer.

To the surprise of no one who knows Doug, Collyer immediately gave the watches back to be auctioned off for charity. The raffle had already raised just over $2,000.


Mercurio went to work and at first drew rapid-fire bids from the Squid Roe crowd. The minute the bidding slowed down, Collyer was back in the game with a bid of $900 for the watches he owned just moments ago. That soon kicked the bid over $1,000 and it was Wally Ormerod (who won the set of Yokohama tires the night before) who ended up with the winning bid of $1,300.

The Squid Roe deejay kicked the music back into gear, a bunch of Tuna Jackpot people hit the dance floor, some stayed to knock down a few more drinks and others headed out to see what the Cabo night had to offer.