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Other Ways Teams Won In Cabo

Contests are fun and creative ways to dole out sponsors' prizes

There were several awards, some Hard Luck and some Good Luck awards handed out over four days and nights, plus $100,000 in other prizes, including two trips to Alaska with Kingfisher Charters.

THE CHAMPS SHOW OFF THEIR REACTOR WATCHES which were engraved "Cabo Tuna Jackpot Champion."

There were also some nice surprises, such as free Bluefin Clothing hats on the Wyndham charter Friday, and also to all attendees that night at the Costa/Seaguar Fiesta.

And of course, the welcome bags anglers got, with shirt, backpack, Mustad hooks, Yo-Zuri Hybrid line, Seaguar Fluoro coils, Frogg Togg's Chilly Pads, Eat Me Lure official flags, and WIN-Team fun packs.

Perhaps the biggest winners, besides the winning teams, were children's charities who, through various efforts spearheaded by Tracy and Marco Ehrenberg of Pisces and Dave Bulthuis of Costa, more than $15,000 was raised in various drawings and auctions and donations.


HARD LUCK AWARD -- The Missing Lenk team caught a 221-pound tuna 30 miles on the Pacific side, and was across the board on the optionals and would have won the second day's $10,000 optional, but could not get into the Gray's Taxidermy weigh scale by the 6 p.m. deadline, missing out on the $72,000 in that optional won by Maybe Manana. Interestingly, Vicente, the capitan who runs the Maybe Manana, could not help his brother Memo, who runs the Missing Lenk. Tournament control was asked if the Maybe Manana could assist and take the fish back, but the rules dictate no teams can buy bait or pass anything between boats after 7:30 a.m. After director Pat McDonell heard of the situation, the Missing Lenk was awarded an entry into the tourney next year.

BAJA BAIT's boys not only won serious money, but $500 in Yo-Zuri gear.

THE CHAMPIONS' SPOILS OF WAR -- Team Estrella del Norte won the title and $223,540 with their monster fish, also received four Reactor watches engraved, four handcarved/redwood burl circle hook trophies, and a certificate for a mount of their fish from Grays Taxidermy and a custom Cigar Box filled with the finest Cabo Cigar Company cigars wrapped in the Cabo Tuna Jackpot logo. The team captain also won a $500 gift certificate toward the latest Yo-Zuri lures by catching the biggest tuna.

$500 YO-ZURI OPTIONALS AWARDS: Three team captains won the $500 gift certificates for taking the largest tuna and wahoo each day. Since no team brought in a qualifying wahoo or dorado of at least 30 pounds the first day, there were just three teams who won that award. Team Renegade's first day 266, the Estrella del Norte's 382 and Baja Bait for its 30.3-pound wahoo the second day.

AVET REELS and Seeker custom rods were given away in drawings and the casting contest.

MUSTAD HOOK DRAWING: Three anglers, among those who caught fish on Mustad hooks and entered the drawing, won $500 certificates for Mustad products from Steve Tagami at the awards dinner.

CASTING CONTEST: While six teams won money, many others won in drawings and special contests throughout the four days. The Avet/Seeker/Yo-Zuri Casting contest was a different affair. There were 32 finalists and Calgary resident Matt Campbell's name was picked from that bag for the Seeker/Avet/Yo-Zuri outfit.

EVERYONE was a winner with all the free goodies from sponsors at check-in, even Ana, our beautiful and engaging Corona Girl, who is sporting the Chilly Pad from Frogg Toggs.

STICKER CONTEST: Team 26 won the Sticker Contest four custom Tuna Jackpot Wrapped Super Seeker rods. The sticker was discovered on the Wyndham elevator.

BEST DRESSED: Team Trauma, with its supporting cast of wives sporting full custom nurses outfits, won the Best Dressed contest and a free entry into the tourney next year.

GUESS THE WINNING WEIGHT: Pam Lorenz, a sponsor with WIN-TEAM, guessed the closest to the winning weight of 383 pounds in the Guess the Fish Contest and won a pair of Costas for 370-pound guess at check-in. There were four anglers who guessed within 10 pounds.