char Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Top 10 Tuna over 18 years

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Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot
Top 10 Tuna List Adds 2 Super Cows

Without a doubt, the 2017 Cabo Tuna Jackpot tourney had some big fish catches, topped by the 338 pounder by two-time Jackpot winner Estrella Del Norte, the North Star team, and the 305 pounder that same first day by team Judy Judy, taking over two of the slots in the top 10 over 19 years.

Prior to this year, 2012 was the tourney that marked the finest overall cow tuna action in the history of the event, with 12 fish over 200 pounds, including the 371 pounder by the 2012/2017 champs on Estrella Del Norte. This year, the 11 fish over 200 and 2 over 300 pounds that counted in the standings, and two others in the high 200s and a 325 that came in just past the 6 p.m. deadline make it the best two-day event for big tuna in the history of the event over 19 years.

12009383 poundsFisher Man
22012372 poundsEstrella Del Norte
32017338 poundsEstrella Del Norte
42006318 poundsNi Modo
52017305 poundsJudy Judy
62016298 poundsTu Corazon
72014293 poundsDona Meche
82016274 poundsReel Quest
92012266 poundsRenegade Mike
102012266 poundsPeligro

Top 10 Tuna for 2017

1)117338 poundsEstrella Del Norte/North Star
2)72305 poundsJudy Judy/Turbo Tuna
3)99264 poundsZorro/Come and Take It
4)22260 poundsNo. 1 Hookup
5)96248 poundsHook, Line & Drinkers
6)39239 poundsTequila Teasers
7)140232 poundsSea Boy
8)23231 poundsGo Deeper
9)11222 poundsBaja Banditos
10)86221 poundsSolomon's Toy

Top 2 Wahoo for 2017

1)2241.0 poundsTuna Chasers
2)3236.9 poundsWhat A Journey

THE BIGGEST tuna in the event's history remains the Fisher Man's 383 pounder in 2009.

JUST EDGING INTO 10th place for the two days was Solomon's Toy, with a 221 ounder the second day. No money, but there was some glory after a three-hour battle. There were two official fish and 11 fish over 200 this year.

FOURTH BIGGEST IS NOW the 338 by Estrella Del Norte this year, which owns two of the top 5 over 19 years.