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It is the sole responsibility of the participating anglers, captains and crews to know and abide by the tournament’s rules. By entering the Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot they acknowledge such and agree to all rules. Masks or buffs are required this year at all events and aboard boats. New rule for event is rule 29.

THIS PHOTO has nothing to do with the rules, but we needed something to drawn your attention to them.
  1. All decisions by the tournament directors and advisory board are final. Decisions on rules interpretation requested by teams or team members will be reviewed and made only by the tournament director and are final. WON reserves the right to change/modify rules at any time. WON reserves the right to deny any team’s or individual's entry.

  2. The official radio channel for the Cabo Tuna Jackpot is channel 28. All boats are encouraged to fly the official tournament flag during the 2-day event.

  3. The tournament director reserves the right to alter starting and finishing times to coincide with weather, tides and probability of better fishing conditions.

  4. It is recommended that all anglers and crew view the scheduled Angler/Captains' Welcome Meeting on FB Live on Cabo Tuna Jackpot Facebook page Wednesday night at 6 p.m. If your team chooses to not view it, that team will automatically accept and agree to be bound by all instructions/rules announced on the broadcast.

  5. A video of a qualifying fish being gaffed and boated must be available to the tourney staff if requested. 20 seconds to a minute is adequate, and being time-stamped (most phones or videos are) will be sufficient. The video may be requested also for use in the official video, with permission from the team.

  6. A "team" is defined as either a single angler or up to 4 total anglers on the official roster. Boats can have a maximum of 2 crew members and up to 2 guests. The maximum number of people on any boat is 8. There will be a maximum of 4 anglers per team who can fish, and a crew of up to 2 people who cannot fish. Crew CAN chum and set lines and gaff, etc., but CANNOT pull on fish. Teams are allowed 2 additional spots on their team for guests, but the "guests" cannot assist in fishing or spotting in any way. Further questions may be answered at registration. See rule 29 for health protocols based on size of boat.

  7. All participants must possess a valid Mexican fishing license license on both days of fishing. Anglers checked by a Mexican authority who do not have a valid Mexican license will cause their entire team to be disqualified from the tournament. To avoid delays and other problems, it is highly recommended you obtain a Mexican license and boat permit before entering Mexico. Licenses will be sold at the checkin area.

  8. There is no limit or restriction on when and how much bait can be obtained prior to the shotgun start. Teams can obtain bait (buy it) one half-hour past the 7 a.m. shotgun start. The PURCHASE of bait must be completed by 7:30 a.m.

  9. All boats must be behind the official starter's boat prior to the 7 a.m. flare gun start. There will be a visual boat check-off starting at 6:15 a.m. outside the harbor entrance. All boats must attempt to report in fish on the tournament channel that are estimated at over 100 pounds. Locations need not be disclosed on the radio.

  10. Lines must be out at 4 p.m. during each day of tournament fishing. The scale will open at 3 p.m. Boats must be within the outer harbor at the jetty by 6 p.m. No tournament fish will be weighed in from boats that arrive after the 6 p.m. deadline. THE NEW 2020 WEIGHIN SITE WILL BE AT THE MARINA DEL REY LOCATED AT THE ENTRANCE TO THE HARBOR SO BE AT THE DOCK BY 6 P.M.

  11. Any boat deemed operating in an unsafe manner will be disqualified from that day's fishing. No fishing boundaries will be required either day.

  12. There are few restrictions on tackle other than the fish must be taken on hook and line using rod and reel. Crew members may touch the rod briefly before handing off to an angler. It may not be passed back to any crewman at any time. More than one team member (not crew) may fight the fish, and team members or crew may assist the angler by touching the main line at any time during the fight. The rod may touch the boat railing during the fight. Use of outriggers, teasers, downriggers, spreader bars, kites and balloons are allowed. DRONES ARE NOT ALLOWED. The use of the Green Stick, a commercial "TROLLING" method with a mast, a "bird" attractor and multiple clips from the main line are NOT ALLOWED.

  13. Teams can possibly win 1st, 2nd & 3rd overall. A maximum of 3 tuna, 1 wahoo and 1 dorado may be weighed per day, per team. The tournament weigh master may decide not to weigh all fish if there is a larger fish already holding down 1st through 3rd place at the time your team weighs in.

  14. It is the responsibility of the team to decide which fish to weigh prior to docking at the weigh area. So, a team can bring in three tuna as well as one wahoo and one dorado if they are in those jackpots. The team must choose which fish to enter in the dorado/wahoo optional. Staff will pre-weigh some small dorado and wahoo to alleviate weighin backup.

  15. Between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. of the fishing days, no vessel entered in the tournament may be involved in handing off or receiving anything from another vessel whether that vessel is entered in the tournament or not. The tournament director may choose to grant special permission in advance to a team to waive this rule if someone's personal safety or health is at risk. A disabled boat CAN be towed back to Cabo so a fish can be weighed in on time. No fish can be brought back by another boat whether it is in the tournament or not.

  16. Overall, $500 of the $1,000 entry fee, and 80 percent of the daily jackpots will be paid back to anglers. The team that catches the biggest tuna over the two days wins 85 percent of the total cash in the entry pool. Second largest tuna wins 10 percent of the cash in the entry pool. Third largest tuna wins 5 percent of the cash in the entry pool. In jackpots, the winning team/captain takes all cash in the pot. Of the total amount awarded for first, second and third places in the entry pool and in the optional jackpots 90 percent will go to the team and 10 percent will go to the boat captain of the charter boat if that boat is chartered. If not chartered, the captain's winnings is divided among the team members as they see fit. A $20,000 Tuna optional was added for only teams across the board in tuna optionals. There is an 85 percent payback, with 5 percent going to Gray for fish tags, the other 10 percent to Western Outdoor News.

  17. The official minimum weights for tuna, wahoo and dorado is 30 pounds the first day. The second day the minimum for tuna and wahoo remains 30 pounds, but dorado will drop to 20 pounds minimum if no qualifying fish comes in day 1. Note that Wahoo and Dorado are backup species for tuna in the overall only. There is no backup species for any optional jackpots.

  18. In the event of a tie in any overall or optional pool the two teams will split the winnings equally for that divisional award. More than two teams tying will result in an equal split for all teams. If no eligible optional jackpot fish are caught the first day, the jackpot money rolls to the second day. If no eligible jackpot fish are caught the second day the money rolls back to the first day winners. In the unlikely event that no eligible fish are caught over both days, refunds of the entry amount (minus $500 tournament operation fee) and jackpot amounts (minus 20 percent tournament operation fee) will be given, via mail.

  19. Mutilated fish in which the ability of the fish to fight has been compromised will not be weighed in. The tournament director will make the final decision, with no protests allowed since it is a visual judgment call.

  20. Any U.S. team or U.S. individual receiving monetary winnings is required to provide to Western Outdoors Publications a social security number and a current address. A signature will additionally be required for receipt and acknowledgment of winnings. Team captains of teams that win money will be required to meet with WON staff to apply for their winnings which will be sent by check via mail within 2 weeks after the event.

  21. Wristbands will identify team members and must be worn at all times. These will be distributed to team captains at check-in. All prizes must be won and accepted by a team member with a team wristband.

  22. All monetary winners will be subject to a lie detector test at the discretion of the tournament director. If any angler declines to be tested, his team is automatically disqualified from receiving any monetary awards. The lie detector test will be used as one of, but not the sole, determining factor in any decision by the tournament directors and the advisory board.

  23. All verbal protests and supporting evidence must be presented to the tournament director(s) immediately upon returning to Cabo, followed by a written protest no more than 30 minutes after the verbal protest. Protests must be filed with WON staff at the "official" weigh station location. Evidence will be ruled on by both tournament director and the staff advisory board prior to the next day's events. Any verbal or physical abuse or threats from entrants toward Jackpot staff is cause for a team's disqualification.

  24. Teams which weigh in fish cannot continue to fish that day. All boats that weigh in fish the first day are subject to a thorough boat inspection at the dock by a tournament staffer.

  25. No spotter planes can assist teams in any way during the two days of official tournament fishing.

  26. All boats must visually check in with the tournament start boat between 6:15 a.m. and 8 a.m. or will be disqualified for that day's fishing. The start boat and staff will be on the water until 8 a.m., either at the arch or at its slip. Call radio control at channel 28 if the start boat is not visible.

  27. Safety is No. 1. No boats on the flare start shall "shoot" between the rock and arch at the start, which means all boats must run to the fishing grounds on the OUTSIDE of the outer rock. There is no automatic penalty, however. Disqualification of a team or teams is up to the discretion of the tournament director on both days.

  28. Try to have fun, treat all anglers and crew and staff of the event with respect. Masks or buffs are required of all participants and guests in tourney areas and boats at all events. Restrictions on number of anglers due to health protocols is to be observed.

  29. NEW RULE: Boats have a max capacity for each size. Plan your team around these max capacities. You may include a crewman as a team member, or list a guest or angler as a crewman. Your roster at check-in must reflect those specific designations, with those listed as team members on the roster qualifying as anglers. Under the protocols the following is allowed for crew, anglers and guests at the Tuna Jackpot: How teams fill their rosters of four is up to them.

  30. --20 to 24 feet: 2 anglers, 2 crew, no guests

    --26-30 feet, 3 anglers, 2 crew, no guests

    --31-55 feet, 4 anglers, 2 crew, 1 guest

    --55-70 feet, 4 anglers, 2 crew, 2 guests

Updated October 5, 2020