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What will take to win the Cabo Tuna Jackpot this year? Each year is different but 200 pounders are common at the weigh-in and a 300 pounder is likely to be the winning fish

THE BIGGEST tuna in the event's history remains the Fisher Man's 383 pounder, caught in 2009.
1)383 poundsFisher Man2009
2)372 poundsEstrella Del Norte2012
3)345 poundsSirena2019
4)338 poundsEstrella Del Norte2017
5)318 poundsNi Modo2006
6)305 poundsJudy Judy2017
7)298 poundsTu Corazon2016
8)293 poundsDona Meche2014
9)291 poundsSantana2019
10)274 poundsReel Quest2016

Top 10 Tuna Catches for 2019

RankTeam #WeightBoat/Team
1)130345 poundsSirena
2)146291 poundsSantana
3)144260 poundsStella June
4)78249 poundsReel Machine
5)124248 poundsSouthern Comfort
6)29243 poundsBig Papi
7)21231 poundsSuzie Q
8)69219 poundsTuna Eaters
9)57214 poundsRedrum
10)118206 poundsDottie B II

SIRENA'S 345-POUND yellowfin is now the third biggest in the history of the Tuna Jackpot after its win this year. (At right are director Pat McDonell and Billy Egan.) RICH HOLLAND PHOTO